When driving on the highway (high rpm) the engine will occasionally block and lose all power. The yellow engine light will start blinking, start&stop will disengage, and pressing the acceleration pedal has no effect. The engine appears to continue working, but is constantly choking, and the car will slowly lose speed. The only solution is to turn off the engine and turn it back on. Errors downloaded from the OBD2 connector show errors P300 (general engine misfire) and P302 (cylinder 2 misfire). Actions taken: EGR cleanup in a workshop (problem came back); used the STP Injector Cleaner fluid, problem came back. It appears that either the injector or the coil in cylinder 2 is not working correctly, causing desyncronization and throwing the entire engime into an error loop.
Oprettet 22.09.2019
Kategori Motor
Ønskes påbegyndt 26. September, 2019
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Kørte kilometer (ca.) 100000
Bilens nummerplade (bruges til udregning af pris) BM93136
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